Setting Ribbon Appearance

Show Tabs and Commands
Show Tabs and Commands – Setting the ribbon display here means hiding or displaying the Ribbon in the Microsoft Powerpoint work window. What are the benefits of setting the ribbon display? The benefit is that the work area is wider because the ribbon menu tabs are only displayed in series form without showing the group menu below it.

Ribbon Display Option

As in the previous discussion, there are three command options for setting the ribbon tab, namely:

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1. Auto Hide Ribbon, used to hide the Tabs menu and the command buttons in it.

Auto Hide Ribbon
Image of Microsoft Powerpoint Work Window Display Without Ribbon Tabs

2. Show Tabs, is used to display only the menu tab, however if the menu tab is selected then the menu group below it will still appear and when the cursor is active again in the work area it will be hidden automatically.

Show Tabs and Commands
Show Tabs and Commands

3. Show Tabs and Commands, used to display the Tab menu and group menu buttons below it.

Show Tabs and Commands
Show Tabs and Commands

Tip: You can double click (Double click) on one of the open/active Tabs to hide the ribbon and display only the Tab.

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