How to Shape Object Rotation

Shape Object Rotation

First step :

  1. Select the object to rotate.
  2. Move the pointer to the Free Rotate handle until it changes shape.
handle Free Rotate

3. Then click and hold then rotate according to the desired rotation and release the mouse click.

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Second Way:

  1. Select the object to rotate
  2. Select the Drawing Tools – Format tab then click the Rotate button in the Arrange group
  3. In the submenu that appears, select one of the following commands:
  • Rotate Right 900 : rotates the object 900 clockwise or to the right
  • Rotate Left 9000 : rotates the object 900 counterclockwise or to the left
  • Vertical Flip : flips an object vertically
  • Flip Horizontal : flips an object horizontally
Shape Object Rotation

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