How to Set Theme Variants

one of the variations – Variants contains variations of a theme that you choose. With this variation, you will have various options/choices that you can use to determine the background of presentation slide.

Here’s how to use variations in themes you use:

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1. Make sure you have applied Themes to the slides.

2. Select the DESIGN tab and in Variants group there are several theme variation options related to Themes you choose.

3. Click on one of the variations, and the results will be visible on slide.

one of the variations

4. If you want to set your own variations to be used, click the more button in the Variants Group

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5. Set the desired components in the submenu that appears below:

Color (the color used on the object)

the color used on the object

Font (Determine the type of letter/font used)

Determine the type of letter/font used

Effects (Determines what effects will be used on the object)

Determines what effects will be used on the object

Background Styles (determine the background style for the theme used)

determine the background style for the theme used

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