How to Set the Space between Lines in a Paragraph

Space between Lines in a Paragraph options – Line spacing is the distance between one line of text and another in a paragraph. To adjust the spacing between lines in a paragraph, you can do the following:

1. Select the paragraph whose line spacing you want to adjust

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2. Select the HOME Tab then in the Paragraph group click the Line Spacing button

Space between Lines in a Paragraph options

3. In the submenu that appears, select one of the commands to adjust the spacing between lines, you can try them one by one and see the results.

Spacing option 1.5

Spacing option 1,5

Spacing option 2

Spacing option 2

4. If you select Line Spacing Options… then you will open the Paragraph dialog box, and in the Line Spacing section you can choose the options: Single, 1.5 Line, Double, Exactly, and Multiple.

 Line Spacing Options paragraph

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