How to Set the Space Between Characters

How to Set the Space Between Characters – Space is the distance between an object and another object, in this case the distance between one character and another character is exemplified. Characters are global names for letters,
numbers, punctuation marks, or symbols.

How to set the distance between characters is as follows:

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1. Select Text or Text Frame whose spacing you want to change

2. Select the Home tab then click the Character Spacing button in the Font group.

3. From the steps above, a sub menu will appear containing:

  • Very Tight (space between characters becomes very tight)
  • Tight (space between characters becomes a little tight)
  • Normal (Normal spacing between characters, aka no change at all)
  • Loose (the space between characters becomes a bit sparse)
  • Very loose (space between characters becomes very loose)
How to Set the Space Between Characters

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4. More Spacing… is used to open the Font dialog box for more complete settings.

More Spacing options
  1. There are two tabs, namely the Font tab and the Character Spacing tab, because here the discussion is about spacing between characters, I will explain how to set Character Spacing as follows:
  • In the Spacing section, select Expanded to adjust the spacing between characters or condensed to adjust the density between characters.
  • In the by section, fill in a number value to adjust the spacing between characters, you can also click the small triangle down or up several times

Watch the video below!

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