How to Set Text Direction

Text Direction button – Tex Direction is a button that functions to change the direction of text reading from left to right to top to bottom or vice versa. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Select text or Text Frame

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2. Select the HOME tab then in the Paragraph group click the Text Direction button.

3. Then in the submenu that appears, select one of the following settings:

Text Direction button


Horizontal – to set the normal text reading direction from left to right.

Horizontal Tex Direction

Rotate All Text 90° – to adjust the reading direction of the text from the top down.

Rotate All Text 90° options

Rotate All Text 270° – to set the direction the text is read from bottom to top.

Rotate All Text 270°

Stacked – to set the text reading direction vertically

Stacked Tex Direction

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