How to Select or Select Objects

Select or Select Objects – Before you make edits to the objects on the slide, such as: copying, moving, formatting and so on. The first step that must be done is to select or select the object that you want to edit first. The way to select objects on a slide is to use the command on the Select Button located on the HOME > Group Tab Editing.

Select or Select Objects

The explanation of the three commands above is as follows:

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  • Select All – to select all objects on the slide
  • Select Objects – to select one or more objects on a slide
  • Selection Pane… – to select objects from the Taskpane Selection window

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Apart from using the selection buttons above, you can also select objects via the mouse, a combination of keys (Shortcuts) on the keyboard or a combination of both.

  • Press Ctrl + A on the keyboard to select all objects
  • Press and hold Ctrl, then select more than one object to be selected on the slide
  • Click and hold the mouse outside the object then drag it over the object you want to select. This method will only select objects that have all their parts selected, while those that are only partially selected are not selected.

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