How to Run Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 Program

How to Run Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 – There are several easy ways or steps to run the Microsoft Powerpoint program, this is influenced by the operating system you use.

Here are several ways to run the Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 program with the Windows 10 Operating System that you can follow:

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First step

Click the Start button in the lower left corner of your Windows Desktop screen then search for PowerPoint 2016 by scrolling the mouse down then.

First step run Powerpoint

Second Way

If previously when installing the Microsoft Office 2016 program you created a shortcut on your desktop, just double click on the Powerpoint 2016 icon on the desktop.

Second Way run Powerpoint

Third Way

Press the Windows symbol/logo on your keyboard then type Powerpoint, then the Powerpoint program in Windows will automatically appear. You just have to click Powerpoint 2016 or if it is highlighted/selected in light blue you just press Enter on the keyboard.

Third Way run powerpoint

Then the PowerPoint program display will appear as in the image below, then select Blank Presentation

select Blank Presentation

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