How to Protect Presentation Files

Encrypt with Password – Making a good PowerPoint presentation requires effort and hard work. However, it is not uncommon for you to have to share your PowerPoint presentation file with other people.

How to share or distribute your PowerPoint presentation file but still protect it from unwanted changes?

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Here are 3 ways you can protect your PowerPoint files so that they cannot be opened, copied, edited, changed or even deleted by other people without any additional software, namely:

  1. Protect using a password
  2. Save the presentation as a PDF document
  3. Save the presentation as an image and reintegrate it into your slide.

Let’s discuss one by one the techniques for securing files or presentation documents.

Protect PowerPoint files using a password

Password protection will lock your PowerPoint. Only people who know the password can open the presentation or edit it.

You can choose whether a password is required only for editing, or even create higher protection that requires the use of a password for other parties to simply open your presentation.

The steps are very easy:

1. Click File > Info > Protect Presentation > Encrypt with Password

Encrypt with Password

2. Enter the password you want.

Enter the password you want

3. Enter the same password again to confirm.

Once finished, you can save the presentation file as usual via the “save” menu.

Watch the illustrative video below!

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Now if you want to open the PowerPoint presentation file, then you and other people have to enter the password.

This method is suitable if the presentation contains material that is confidential and can only be opened by certain people.

So if someone else accidentally receives the presentation, they cannot open it unless they have the required password.

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