How to Open Protected Presentation Files

Mark as Final – There are two ways to find out which PowerPoint presentation files have ready-only status. The first is if you see the words “Ready-Only” after the presentation title, and the second is if you see a yellow message bar at the top of the presentation with a message telling you that the document has limited access.

Next to the yellow message there will be a button that says “Edit Anyway”. You can just click the button to unlock the Powerpoint file.

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edit anyway ppt

After that, the yellow bar should disappear along with the “Raady-Only” text that appears after the percentage title. So if so, now your Powerpoint will be able to be edited as you wish.

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To make it clearer, here we will explain how to open a locked PowerPoint file:

1. First open the presentation that has read-only status, then select the File tab.

2. You will be redirected to the Info menu, there you will see the “Protect Presentation” option which is marked in yellow and there is a message displayed next to it – This presentation has been marked as final to discourage editing. Please select “Protect Presentation

Protect Presentation

3. From the submenu select the “Mark as Final” option. Note that clicking this option will unlock the file.

Mark as Final

4. Well, now you will see a yellow banner and the accompanying message next to the Protect Presentation option will disappear. The “Ready-Only” text next to the presentation title will also disappear.

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