How to Moving Object Position

Moving Object Position

Moving the position of objects in designing presentation slides is very possible because there are many objects involved in it. Steps to move the position of an object from one place to another can be done by:

If the object you want to move is in one slide area, simply click and hold on the object you want to move, then move the mouse to the destination area.

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If you want to move an object from one slide to another, you can follow the steps below:
Using the Cut Command Button

  1. Select the object you want to move
  2. Select the HOME tab > Cut in the Clipboard Group

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a. Using Mouse Right Click

  1. Right click on the steering object, select Cut in the sub menu that appears
  2. Next, select the destination slide and right click then select Use Destination Theme or Picture
Moving Object Position

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b. Using the Ctrl+X Shortcut

  1. Select the object, then press Ctrl + X on the keyboard
  2. Determine the destination slide then press Ctrl + V to place the object

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