How to Format Paragraph Text

How to Format Paragraph Text – A paragraph is a group of text consisting of several sentences. In paragraph settings, there are several things that can be adjusted, including: alignment, indentation, numbering, spacing between lines, column format, text direction and many others. Paragraph settings can be done via the HOME tab in the Paragraph Group section.

Align Left (Ctrl + L) : Left aligned paragraph settings

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Left aligned paragraph settings

Center (Ctrl + E) : Center aligned paragraph settings

Center aligned paragraph settings

Align Left (Ctrl + R) : Right aligned paragraph settings

Right aligned paragraph settings

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Justify (Ctrl + J) : Right and left aligned paragraph settings

Right and left aligned paragraph settings

How to Set Text Alignment

To adjust paragraphs/text, you can do it in the following way:

  1. Select the paragraph/text to be arranged
  2. Select the HOME tab and in the Paragraph group click one of the following text alignment buttons:
  • Align Text Left – to align text left or press Ctrl+L on the keyboard
  • Center – for centered text or press Ctrl+E on the keyboard
  • Align Text Right – to align left text or press Ctrl+R on the keyboard
  • Justify – to align text left and right or press Ctrl+J on the keyboard

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