How to create Create WordArt

How to create Create WordArt – WordArt has many effect settings and charming color combinations, making presentation designs cooler and more attractive to present. The way to make WordArt is as follows:

1. Click the INSERT tab then click WordArt button in the Text group.

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How to create Create WordArt

2. In the WordArt selection list that appears, select the type of WordArt style you want.

WordArt style

3. After that, a text frame will appear accompanied by the text “Your Text here” in the selected state, then type text you want to enter, for example “PowerPoint“.

type the text you want to enter

4. Click outside the text frame area to end it.

5. When you create a WordArt, the DRAWING TOOLSFORMAT tab will appear on the far right side. This tab will appear if the WordArt object is selected.

WordArt object is selected

Watch the video below!

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