How to Add Tabs and Groups to the Ribbon

Customize Ribbon menu – In Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, you can add new Tabs and Groups to the Ribbon menu by filling in the command buttons that you frequently use, so that you can format presentation slides more quickly.

Here’s how to add Tabs and Groups to the Ribbon menu:

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1. Click the File Tab > Options

2. In the PowerPoint Options Dialog Box, select Customize Ribbon

Customize Ribbon menu

3. In the Main Tabs box, select one of the tabs as a reference, for example the HOME tab, then click the New Tab button

New Tab button

4. After that, in the Main Tabs box, New Tab (Custom) and New Group (Custom) will appear. Select New Tab (Custom) and click the Rename… button in the Rename dialog box that appears, fill in the name of the new tab, for example: Image

New Tab (Custom)

5. Next, select New Group (custom) then click the Rename button, then in the Rename dialog box that appears, select the image and enter, for example: Object in the Display name, then finish by clicking OK.

New Group (custom)


Select the new group then add several command buttons to it by::

  • Select the button you want to add to the group in the Popular Commands column.
  • Then click the Add button to add a command button to the new Group
add object custom

Tip: Do the same to add the command buttons you need in the new group.

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7. If you want to delete a command button that has been added to the Group, you just right click on the button that you want to delete then select Remove

remove object custom

8. If you think it’s enough, click OK and see the results on the Ribbon

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