How to Add Effects to WordArt – To make WordArt look more attractive, you need to add additional effects such as shadows, mirrors, light, raised effects, 3 dimensions, and so on.

Giving effects to a WordArt can be done by:

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1. Select the WordArt that you want to give the effect to

2. Select the DRAWING TOOLS – FORMAT tab, click the Text Effects dropdown button in the WordArt Styles group.

3. Then set the settings options below:

  • Shadow – to provide a shadow
  • Reflection – provides a reflection or mirroring effect
  • Glow – to give a rising effect
  • 3-D Rotation – to give a 3-Dimensional effect
  • Transform – to give the effect of changing the shape of the text flow

4. The following are the results of applying the effects mentioned above.

results using wordart effects

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Watch the video below!

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