Get to know the Powerpoint 2016 Ribbon Menu Tab

Tab Sub Menu – It is a tab that contains groups which contain several command buttons. In the Microsoft PowerPoint work window, there are many tabs in a row called the Ribbon Menu Tab which are located at the top under the Title Bar.

If you work with a Shape object, the Format Tab will automatically appear which functions to carry out further formatting for a shape that you created.

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Get to know the File Tab Sub Menu

Tab Sub Menu

In the File Tab there are several sub menus that have different functions, the following is an explanation of these sub menus:

Used to return to the work area

Used to return to the work area

working window information

Displays all information related to the working window is active.

New : Used to create a new work area

Open : Microsoft Powerpoint files with several options including:

  • Recent Presentations, contains files that you have previously opened.
  • OneDrive, open files from your OneDrive account. You can do this if your computer is connected to the internet.
  • Computer, open files on your computer’s hard disk.

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Save: Used to save presentation files.

Save As: Used to save again with a different file name than the previous file

Print: Used to print slides and their settings.

Share: Store and share documents using SkyDrive, of course the computer must be connected to the Internet.

Export: Used to convert Powerpoint files into other documents such as PDF, Video, and so on.

Close: Used to exit the PowerPoint program.

Account: Used to log in to your account.

Options: Used to open the Powerpoint Options dialog box which is used for further settings regarding Powerpoint files.

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